• 9-tips To Finding A Quality Home Inspector

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    You’ve found the home of your dreams and now there are the steps to take to get to closing. One of the important steps is the home inspection as you need to protect your investment! The question is, how do you find an inspector who can help you protect your investment?

    Home inspectors claim to be home buying or selling advocates. But it isn’t easy to randomly trust someone with your most-prized purchase. Normally, your real estate agent will refer a qualified inspector but it’s good for you to do a little due diligence yourself and check out inspectors in your area and online.

    9-tips To Finding A Quality Home Inspector

    As a buyer, having a Vancouver WA home inspection performed by a professional allows you to see the home through the eyes of a neutral third party. This inspection will help you decide whether to move forward or not. As a seller, it can help you find problems before listing the home on the market, allowing you time and saving you money on any repairs.

    A typical home inspection can last, on average, 2 to 4 hours and covers all the major components of the home. The inspection report will cover so many details of the home that you may wonder how someone can possibly know so much. Sounds impossible and the truth is, some inspectors do not know so much. And that is why an online search is important to finding the right inspector.

    Here are 9-tips To Finding The Best Vancouver Home Inspector near you

    1. If you are a buyer, start looking online for a home inspector in your area so you have time to get to know the person who will be inspecting one of the biggest investments you’ll possibly ever make. That way, when you find the right home, you won’t feel pressured to choose an inspector you don’t have knowledge of.

    2. Ask for recommendations. Again, your agent will normally recommend their home inspector they feel comfortable with but you can also ask your family and friends or you can look online for a list of local inspectors.

    3. Researching pays off. Do in-depth research about the prospective inspectors such as their length of service, the type of report they provide, online reviews, and even the number of inspections they have performed.

    4. Look for an inspector with several years of inspecting as they have had the experience of inspecting many homes. You want someone with a broad knowledge of the systems and structures of the home.

    5. You can check with the state agency to verify an inspector’s credentials and also check for records of complaints. If your state does not regulate inspectors, look for other credentials such as an InterNACHI or ASHI certification.

    6. Read the inspector’s reviews. Popular review sites include Google My Business, Yelp, Facebook, Merchant Circle, and others. The inspector should also have reviews on their website.

    7. You want an objective and independent home inspector who has your best interest at heart. Recommendation from your agent is good but when in doubt, it’s time to start looking for yourself.

    8. Ask questions. Make sure that the inspector is familiar with the type of home you plan to purchase. Houses vary in age, designs, and materials used and it’s especially important to understand any special risks or signs you need to be aware of.

    9. Last but not least, look at their inspection report so you have a good idea of how the home inspection is conducted, what they inspect, and what type of report you will receive. Choosing a home inspector who will deliver a comprehensive yet easy-to-understand report with a summary page will definitely help you make an informed buying decision.

    Bonus Tip: Choose a Vancouver WA home inspector that recommends you attend the home inspection. What better way for you to understand your new home than to be at the inspection to ask questions and to have any issues explained. This shows the inspector’s commitment to being transparent, neutral, and of course, being the home buying or selling advocate you want.

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